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We have had a post on this - so I went after the details.....

All of the following information is from the Team Losi website:

<LI>Ball bearings used throughout (nothing to replace or upgrade)
<LI>Big Block (7 port) .26 engine (big size and big power)
<LI>Real race tuned aluminum exhaust system (no optional parts needed)
<LI>Portable rotary starter included (pull cords can’t handle this horsepower)
<LI>4 oversized race-style Aluminum shocks (no plastic here)
<LI>2-Speed automatic gearbox (a must for top performance)
<LI>Manual Hi/Lo drive range for a total of 4 forward speeds (best of both worlds)
<LI>2-Speed reverse in Lo range (Extra maneuverability)
<LI>All metal transmission gears (only the best will do)
<LI>3 Channel synthesized JR Radio (Pick your frequency from 30 channels)
<LI>Two steering servos w/servo savers (ultra small turning radius)
<LI>Oversized fuel tank with primer (easily filled without removing the body)
<LI>Preglued tires with foam inserts on Chrome Rims (look good – work better)
<LI>Long travel double wishbone suspension (greater stability and handling)
<LI>Steel geared viscous differentials (got to handle that horsepower)
<LI>Four level modular chassis design (strong yet easy to work on)
<LI>Sealed radio box (a real necessity)
<LI>Dual disk brakes (what goes fast has got to be stopped)
<LI>Technical Specifications:
Length 22"
Width 18.5"
Wheelbase 14.2"
Weight 13 pounds
Travel 3.5" (chassis)
Tire size 7.0"x 4.20"
Wheel Size 3.4"x 3"
Fuel tank capacity 171cc </LI>[/list]

They have some great pics here:

And a brief "teaser" video here:



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Here is a news update on the LST.

For the full article visit:

The all-new LST Monster Truck from Team Losi made its racing debut in grand fashion winning the US Gas Championships. Although the LST has run thousands of laps while in development at various racetracks around Southern California it has never competed head-to-head with other models in actual competition. The US Gas Championships offered the ultimate test with the best drivers and highly modified machines competing on the challenging K-Z Speedway off-road track. Adam Drake drove the production spec test truck to a convincing victory landing the big jumps, smoothing out the rough sections, and putting down the power throughout the long main event. Congratulations to the crew at K-Z Speedway, Adam, and the LST for and awesome event and debut.

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As cool as this new truck looks, I've discovered one glaring problem with the design. (At least as far as my poor driving goes)...

AUSRC can attest to my great skill of landing my Savage on it's roof, and as such I need a truck with alot of top end protection. i.e. at least a roll bar if not a roll cage. The LST seems to have neither... I imagine if I had my hands on one of these I'd first destroy my shell and then move onto bending my engine fins...


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