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Holy crap... how long have I been running this site now? I just found that a few people had lodged links that were waiting to be approved for addition to the site's link directory... sorry to those that have been waiting. The mail system now works, so if you lodge a link for approval, I will know know about it.

Anyway, now that I know it is all working, I figure - cool - let's start a "Build the Link Directory" campaign.

If you have sites that you visit regularly, and think that others could benefit from knowing about it, please add in into the link directory. It is really easy to do, and once I have confirmed that it isn't already somewhere in the directory, I will approve it and "Hey Preston" it is live on stage with you credited as the "Submitter".

Once the links are in the directory, our members can submit reviews on the site, as well as report if it is dead. This should make it a really usefull resource.

Let me know if you have any probs.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts