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Ordered the car mentioned above in the subject on Friday afternoon from tower - stock availablity was low.

Got confirmation email Saturday morningstating that it had moved to the warehouse stage and it was being packed ready for shipping when I got another email (non automated) asking if I wanted to cancel my order or wait to see if more stock came in for the discontinued car... :(

I noticed that the GT500 was discontinued last weekend but came back into stock during the week - maybe I'll be lucky and they'll find a kit from somewhere over the weekend. - It was such a great price too, and with the $15US discount - I should have bought it a couple of days earlier...

It looks like I've missed that car AUSRC - I'm not sure if I should go for the next price step up - wait to see if my order actually gets delivered, or switch entirely and get that Stadium truck or Savage.

I found my radio gear - I have a Futaba Attack4 (4 channel) with a 29Mhz AM chip (complete with servos - I thought it was a FM set)and a old Futaba AM2 channel (complete with servos.)... My engine which I thought was a OS .15 is actually a .10, so I guess I wouldn't be able to use the engine even if I switched heads.

Anyhow, I'm heading home tommorrow - better get some sleep.


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Bummer - that V-One-S was a great price. I can't remember what the next priced car was now, or how much it was. I will need to have a look on Tower.

Damn, I was going to get one of those myself.


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