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Hi, I'm considering purchasing a stadium truck (was considering a tourer only a few days ago), as an entry back into remote controlled vehicles.

The two vehicles I am currently considering are the Kyosho TR15 Stadium Force and the HPI Nitro MT w/o Engin e.

The Kyosho is $10UScheaper than the HPI and comes with an engine, but uses brushings instead of bearings. (Prices from Tower Hobbies)

I believe the HPI has been around for alot longer than the Kyosho truck, and as of yet I haven't been able to find a review of the Stadium Force.

I already own quality radio gear.

Items that I consider to be important when chosing this truck:
<LI>I don't want to spend more than $500AUS initially.</LI>
<LI>Option to fit 2 speed gearbox</LI>
<LI>Durable drivetrain - steel gears? (both use plastic I believe)</LI>
<LI>Abilitity to customise/modify/hop up etc...</LI>[/list]

Basically - by the time I have purchased the HPI truck it will start costing alot more than the Kyosho. Is there value in this extra money spent? Will the HPI have a greater degree of modification available to it?

Can .18 engines be fitted to either model? I think I saw mention on a website somewhere that the HPI .18 motor would fit in the Nitro MT.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate your help.

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