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Howdy Gang,

I've got a Ky Inferno MP7.5 Sports. Since day one the clutch has been suspect. At first it wouldn't engage so the car wouldn't move. It went back to Dawn Trading for a warranty job. Now, some 6 runs later, it intermittently won't release. I'm tempted to give up and upgrade the clutch. The questions are:

1. Should I persist and return it to LHS AGAIN?

2. Can I upgrade it to the Kanai spec without to much major drama?

3. What bits to I need apart from the shoes and the spring?

4. Can I keep the same clutch bell?

As a closing comment, this buggy goes great when it goes, but it has been a shocker. I would buy a Kyosho kit (the components are fine), but the build quality is hopeless, I'd never buy another Ky RTR.

Thanks for any help with my stupid clutch!


try going a clutch first..maybe its a faulty clutch, with my first Nitro i had the same problem, the cluch not engage.

i just cleaned it all ,got a new endbell and she worked a treat!


PS, welcome to the forums...
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