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Greetings and Salutations!!!

I've just registered here seeing it's a local RC website Down Under.

However, going through the site and forums, it felt like those times when you are in the playground with your matchbox and all the other kids are eyeing you with their tonka's.

I've got a TC and very much attached to it. Am I in the wrong place?

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Definately not!! - Your in the right place, although, I think we will be outnumbered a tad.

AUSRC.COM will allow any posts for any vehicles. (AUSRC himself is a previous TC owner, so there's a bit of experience to call on - he's probably still kicking himself for getting rid of it! I guess non Terra Crusher owners shouldn't be held responsible for their purchases - every one is allowed 1 mistake!!)

Now, if only I could work the Epic break in thingy out - Im getting close but are still having some problems.

Anyone out there an Epic .18 owner who can give me some ideas about the break in process??

Cheers all,

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