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Hey guys, joined the forum a week ago so thought I would show my truck.

I've had the nmt for about 2 years, done a few mods, am interested to know if there are many others driving these.

If you are, let me know what you have done with yours!

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I have a Super nitro rally which is more or less the same chassis. the main difference being tire size, shock tower and the suspension arms. Its currently gathering dust as I havent got around to changing the engine in it and I have been concentrating on carpet racing.

Here's a old pic:


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Here's a quick list of hop ups

OS12cv-rx with Traxxas header and venom tuned pipe

Powerline Alloy Radio Tray and Rear shock tower

Lunsford Titanium Turnbuckles

Motorsaver Air Filter

Kyosho twin cap pro shocks front and rear

Stainless steel hinge pins

I'm sure there is more! Still need to update the radio gear, am looking at going a JR XS3 with Hitec 625MGfor steering dutiesEdited by: nmt'ing

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nice. I have a kyosho gs 15 thats waiting to go in as a tempreorary engine. I'd really want to go a OS 15 or 18 CVR as the next engine. might get around to do this around xmas i hope. I also need to update the radio gear if I am to use my KO radio.

at the moment the snr you see in the pic has:

hpi (7551) evo 6 lancer body
hpi (73902) heavy duty chassis
hpi (73017) carbon graphite upper deck
hpi (72171) rear arm brace with stainless steel hinge pins
hpi (72082) centre front universal drive shaft
hpi (72083) centre rear universal drive shaft
hpi (72133) rush outdrives (front only)
hpi (A885) racing clutch
hpi (A912) 2 speed tranny
hpi (A821) 12-15 clutch bell

gpm (NRS402107) front hub carriers
gpm (SN402007) front c hubs
gpm (NRS402207) rear hub carriers
gpm (NRS410007) light wieght flywheel
gpm (NRS4080) pullstart engine mounts
gpm (NRS4200) rs4 2 foam bumper "made" to fit for ankle protection

eureka pro heatsink head for traxxas 15 pro dodgyed onto the leo
eureka pro air filter elbow
eureka pro exhaust coupler
eureka pro red cup washers
eureka pro fuel filter

4x8 bearing for steering crank
lunsford turnbuckles with rpm cups
leo 15 pullstart engine
os (72103110) header
cvec (z125) 12-15 tuned pipe

kyosho shocks plastic
motor saver air filter with raincap
gws (FS-1) failsafe unit
hitec 454bb steering servo
futaba fs 128 throttle servo (about 20 odd years old)
futaba am reciever
kyosho reciever cover
sanwa dash am radio
venom tempreture gauge
tamiya (50839) tgx rally block tires
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