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Thought I'd do a quick write up on removing old tyres from wheels. So starting here we have a very old very hammered wheel and tyre off a Slash.

First thing is to slice the majority of the tyre off with a razor blade. I leave 5-10mm left on each bead to give me something thats easy to grab on to for later.

You'll be left with this now, old tyre and foam can go in the bin.

Find yourself a suitable container with a lid, I've used a 2L ice cream container which is large enough to do 1/8 MT wheels. Fill the container with acetone around 10-15mm deep, You want to be able to submerse one bead of the wheel in the acetone. You can fill it enough to completely submerge the whole wheel to speed up the process but that wastes quite a lot of acetone and for me I'm in no real rush. To note, the dirty acetone shown here has done 3 wheels prior to these photos being taken.

Put the lid on the container and leave for 24 hours.

After 24 hours soaking pull it out of the acetone and the remaining strip of tyre should pull out of the bead of the wheel with little to no effort with all the glue removed. Flip the wheel over to soak the other side and repeat.

The acetone can be used multiple times over, just replace the lid on the container to avoid evaporation.
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