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Well thought I'd cross the water for ideas
NZ basher with 2 rovan 36cc 5B SS bajas,stock motor but had barrel and piston kit few months back,,cars over 5 years old which I get from Ebay from WESTCOASTROVAN USA ..Now this one give me grief, was running sweet then died on the beach,,starts then something shuts it off,,GT3B remote running killerbee on 3rd channel,,
Symptoms, starts then sometimes idle ok and then dies,,restart ok ,then dies again
Things I try,
Unplug kill switch it still start then die
Changed carbs 5 times still start and die
New gaskets same symptom,,start then dies
Played with L & H still same thing happening, start then stop
Checked fuel lines and ok-----------I cant check coil unless I pull other car apart or buy coil for $ 57 of trademe site in NZ,unsure if I buy one it will work,could this be the cause ? Do coils cause this symptom? I will buy if that's the case ,,it seems to still have good compression but even new spark plug makes no change ...HELP PLEASE...been fixing these cars for while now and know how they work and set up but this has me but stumped ,,these covid conditions make some orders bit slow so sort of only have option to buy from NZ which top $$ for bits
Any advice or ideas greatly appreciated
Thanks Ian
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