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So, I have a Phantom Baja, its an excellent RTR buggy, tuned well, quick and extremely nimble, I'm in love! but a few things I have noticed.

#1- The two rear pins that run through the hex bit, as much as I do up the grommets, they keep coming undone = wheels "popping" off mid run. (Wasn't pretty) but nothing good old electrical tape cant fix.

#2- The breaks! No matter how much I adjust the trim, the little turny thing on the end, I can't get my breaks to lock up. It's okay when going running pace but flat out it takes at least 20 yrds to stop! I gotta be careful and judge when to stop WAY before I actually need to.

#3- Finally, the stock wheels are so completely shonk! Within 3-4 weeks, already I have a big split right near where it locks into the rim. I thrashed it offroad and would never expect it to happen so quick. I've bought good $$$ tyres so the life expectancy should be better, a lot better.

But hey, now I have a set of rears that can be a burnout set. Rather than throwing them out I can have some bogan fun. ;)
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