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HELP PLEASE. Truggy won't START!!!!!!

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I am having difficulty starting it. I have had experience with Nitro Buggys. The issue is that the fuel is not drawing into the carb. The engine runs when I put fuel straight into the carb, but it is not getting through the High Speed Needle. The engine has been sealed. I took the needle and fuel inlet off. Inside the port it looks as though there is no hole, just a microscopic hole. Should the inlet be bigger than this. You can't even blow through the inlet, it's blocked. Could this be a manufacturing defect. I am really looking forward to getting it running and really hope you can help me. Does any one know what the inside of the HSN port should look like. My Thundertiger EB4 inlet port is very open. I have attached photo's to show you what I mean if this helps. I contacted the seller who said the problem most likely was an unsealed fuel Tank, this is not the case though, it is sealed. Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Gas
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Martin Gale
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Try blowing through the exhaust pressure line to ensure fuel is getting through...if so..

Connect fuel line to carb...blow through line fuel coming through and welling in carb, if the fuel is welling up in the carb, the problem is at the fuel tank, exhaust or lines

If still no fuel coming through, but the fuel runs through the lines ok, the problem has to be in the the supplier and go from there...they are always going to try and tell you it is a simple unsealed fuel tank that you can fix yourself rather than tell you there may be a problem in the mechanics of the engine or carb

Also check the pressure nipple on the exhaust....they have been known to come pre-blocked after polishing from the manufacturer and can usually be unblocked with a straightened out paper clip to remove the dried polish
Thank you towie964

Thank you Towie for your response. Just thought I would let you know that I sorted out the problem this morning by putting a shim between the HSN and fuel nipple coupler. Fuel started flowing and the Truggie started up and Worked perfectly.Pity it's ****in' down rain and hail today because I want to go and Break the Engine In. I appreciate your effort in helping me. Cheers Mate:)
Mate if it is running...that's all that matters

Sorry bout the weather :)
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