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Hey what's up? I'm new here, so I'll tell you what I've got

Savage 24-7:

XTM 24-7 Pro engine
MIP 7.5 racing clutch
reverse module
HB center CVA's
4 spyder diff mod
Dynamite CVD's all four wheels
40 series Road Rage tires w/ 40S outbacks w/S-C adapters
HPI adjustable upper arms
stock tires w/ HB predator wheels
venom failsafe
Hitec HS5645MG digital steering servo
MP ball bearing bellcranks w/ built-in servo saver
HPI high performance air filter
Venom temp guage
eNVy Racing Dual vented brakes w/ kevlar pads
GPM aluminum brake hex
NEM 4.7 MM TVP's
stainless steel center skid plate
Proline F-350 extended cab body
Proline Excursion body

Wow I have more than I thought! I won't be adding those up because I know the grand total would come back to haunt me!
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