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Hey all. I already have an account on here but cant remember what the username is :tape: but ill re-introduce myself...

Gold Coast
Produce Storeman at the Rocklea Markets
2 Nitros (Thunder Tiger Tomahawk XL & EB4 S2)
2 Electrics (HPI E10 & Tamiya TT01E)

Lost interest in the Nitro cars and have moved the the Electric Drift type cars.

I brought the HPI E10 once I found out the Concept Hobbies (Now called Rippit) was moving and going to have a dedicated drift track. Recently brought the Tamiya TT01E (impulse) when it was on sale. I LOVE KIT BUILDS!!!. Stock at the moment but a YR TT01 Aluminum Conversion kit is on route.

Will upload photos of the rides later.

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Welcome back
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