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I thought I'd mock up another baja brushless conversion slightly different from what's out there at the moment. I saw something like this from finedesignrc ages ago, but then read mixed (and mostly bad) reviews about them, especially from the US boat guys.

It is different from the other directly driven commercially available Baja conversion kits, and is more like a Tekno RC conversion, where the electric motor instead of the ICE bolts to the clutch shoe adapter, and virtually everything else stays the same.

I am using a Castle 1717 1500kv heli version because...that's what I happen to have spare lying around.

It is underpowered but I am hoping that the smoother power delivery from the clutch system, and mechanical brakes will mean that the 1717 be ok.

Maybe I am giving these motors too much credit, as such, I want to keep this build relatively lightweight.

I filled a stock clutch shoe adapter with knead-it, drilled a 6mm hole for the motor shaft and then tapped a 4mm hole for the grub screw, Then I mocked up the motor mount plate with some perspex.

Kept the rear fan cover because the engine is structurally important to the stiffness of the chassis, not sure how strong it is just by itself, but for the moment, it's better than nothing.

Pics so far:

Bottom of the clutch adapter.
I tapped the hole for the grub screw towards the other side where there's a lot more metal, I think i'll need a 4x8mm grub screw, as such I've just used a 4mm countersunk screw for the moment.

Perspex motor plate template mounted to the clutch housing

Threw on my HK SS 200a ESC + pistix to give it a quick poke.
I promise the pillows are definitely mine and not my girlfriends haha.

The motor is isolated from the rest of the drivetrain by the existing clutch system.
No massive amp spikes from stationary because the motor can spool up until the clutch engages.
Hoping that the amp draws will be smoother and lower
Using an aircraft ESC is a possible as no motor brakes can be used.
Cheap so far, no complex parts, hoping to use as many stock parts as possible
Quiet (depending on your noise:manliness ratio)

No rear motor braking, relies on mechanical brakes.
Not as immediate feeling compared to direct drive because of the clutch.
May have clutch heat issues.
More complex/failure points than direct drive
No reverse (with an aircraft ESC, in this case)
Quiet (depending on your noise:manliness ratio)

Things to do list:
Consider getting clutch shoe adapter properly machined if it doesn't hold up.
Make metal motor mount from template
Mount the rear/can of the motor to the fan cover to make everything more solid.
Sort out battery box

Admittedly, it's a work in progress, but it's ugly as sin :)

Any ideas about securing the motor can to the fan cover would be appreciated.
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