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Getting logged out all the time

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Not sure if this is the right place for this but its sort of feedback,lol.
I log in & read some stuff then if I go to reply I have to log back in again. I seem to keep getting logged out all the time for some reason & have to log back in again. It has been doing it for the last few days only, & seems to be doing it every 5-10 minutes. Not sure what the go is or if any1 else has the same problem so thought I would post it here & see whats happening. Thanks.
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Isn't there a box up near the login to "keep logged in"

Also could be your computer isn't storing the cookies...... I never get logged off and I don't use the work of over the weekend

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sounds like your pc is not storing the login cookies correctly, check your settings, and any anti-virus/anti-malware software.
I had this problem when I first started coming on here. I fixed the problem by ticking that little box under the login that says "remember me", once I did that it never logs me out until I choose to. Try that and see if it works. You have to select it before you log in though.
This is the only forum it does it on, & its only started doing it over the last few day. I have the remember me box ticked to, same as the other forums so not sure what the go is but I log in when I get on here, read a post or 2 then go to reply to a post & it says I have to log in, but I already have.
What browser and operating system are you running?
got windows 7 home premium on a laptop with quad core & using google/Mozilla firefox, all fully updated. It only happens here though, thats what I can't work out & nothing has been changed on my computer, it just started happening. See what happens, maybe it might just stop. Only seems to mainly happen when I go to reply to a post though, but hasn't happened today so far.
same thing happens to me but only seems to be when i take a bit longer replying to posts, which is a real pain as i can't put to much detail or info into posts so half my posts are just one liner's out of frustration when i've just spent five min's putting a post together only to find "i'm not logged in"
Not a solution I know, but a workaround until you sort out your browser settings.......

Before you hit the post button, highlight all of your text and "copy" it, ready to be pasted.

I had similar issues with Chrome always logging me out. I had to go to settings > advanced settings > content settings and untick the box for "allow local data to be set" > then close browser > restart Chrome > retick the box again.
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