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I am confused (any one that knows me would say - "What's new!")

I have the Futaba 3PDF Transmitter and R133F RX. I need to buy some additional crystals and am not sure what I need.

If you look on Tower (if anyone knows where I can get 27Mhz FM Crystals in Brissie - let me know) at the Radio set it says:

INCLUDES: One 3PD FM transmitter (No Number)
One R133F receiver (FUTL0305 27MHz) or (FUTL0309 75MHz)
One crystal set&nb sp; (FUTL91** 75MHz) or (FUTL90** 27MHz)

If you look at the crystal set that it supoosedly ships with it says:

This Crystal Set is used with the R113IP, R105IP, R118GP and R123F Receivers.

So, if you then look at the R133F it tells you that you need Short Crystals:

This is the Receiver crystal 27MHz FM Short.
This plugs into the receiver and receives the signal from the transmitter.
These are standard (not dual conversion) crystals.

** This Short Crystal MUST be used ONLY in the corresponding SHORT Crystal
Receiver. This Crystal WILL NOT work in the regular receivers. **

So, due to the fact that I cannot buy a TX crystal on it's own, it appears that I need to buy the first set that I mentioned, then a Short RX crystal, and throw the original RX crystal in the set in the bin.

Does my logic sound right - am I missing something? Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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well i dont see why you would have to throw one of the original ones in the bin, cause they should sell the crystals in pairs as thats the obvious thing to do

let me know what happens
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