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FPV Driving

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Well I did of experimenting today to see if I could increase the Video range using a high antenna.

Firstly, some info on the gear used.

Reciving antennas are 2 VAS Crosshair Extreme's
Monitor is an EACHINE 5" Diversity.
VTX is a RushFPV Max Solo with a TBS Triuph Pro antenna
other gear used, 2 TBS MAgnetic SMA extensions and two 5m SMA extensions.

The antenna mast consited of some old Lawnmower handles and a kids swing. I just cut everything up and joined it all together using bolts. The over all hieght is 5m above ground.

After trying various things, it turns out that the best video was when I had them mounted directly to the monitor rather than being up high and simply pointed in front of me, rather than follwing the direction of the car.

I decided to do a test, where I would not "follow" the car like I normally do in order to get the best possible signal. For this test, I had the two crosshair extreme's mounted directly to the monitor and would only point them directly ahead of me, regarless of where the car was.

The results were outstanding and confusing. I ended up with the cleanest video and I was able to drive the car out around the road and back Behind me! Considering these crosshairs are directional, with a beam of 120 deg. So being able to have video when the car was on the other side of our neighbours house was surprising to say the least.

And surprisingly, the high antenna was the absolute worst, with not only crappy video buut aalso range. So I am buggered if I understand why though.

below is a quick video of the testing, in it you can see our RC track we built. Also the built in DVR records a crappy video, when driving I can see much better than what is displayed in the playback footage.

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Looks good, change your video setting to either public or unlisted otherwise no one will be able to view it.
Changed them to public.
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