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First run of my baja 5b with exhaust etc, then trouble

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hey guys, after taking my baja out for its first go after new servo's and exhaust, 1 little flip and it like died?

not literally but high end power is now like dead? i dont know what the problem is so im asking you guys!

and also a weird sound at high end, low end seems fine.

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What type of weird sound do you hear...
This might be a stupid question has it enough fuel, did you touch the carb settings? Check your lines to your carbie, check your spark plug see what the colour it is, should be a darkish brownish colour maybe replace said low end is fine are you talking on idle its fine? Or when your going slow no weird sound? Can you take a video of what it's doing? Could be a clutch failure. Is hard to diagnose on your comments.

carb = fine
carb line = fine
fuel lines to carb = fine
plenty of fuel = fine

uhm i did notice the chooke was half down, maybe this could of caused it? ill give it a run in the morning and if its the same then its something different, and ill also vid it and hopefully not get told of by the neighbours again :O
and also, what would be the best throttle arm? for the new hitech 7955tg servo! im so confused!

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The one with HT printed on it.
As above or drill the hole slightly bigger in the alloy one and use that

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there isnt one with HT on it, there is HI, KO
Hi- hitec
Ko- Ko propo (correct me if I'm wrong)

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The one that says hi then lol

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