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Hi All,

Ive introduced myself in the "welcome" section of the forum and have been messaging Ozziii. I've luckily been given LOTS of helpful information and i am very appreciate!

I am looking for my first RC car. (Since having kid toy RC cars).

I've decided on electric but am still undecided on RWD or AWD. I do not mind if the motor is brushless or brushed as im sure i dont need speed to begin with. I would however, like something that will be relatively painless to speed up later on. Whether that be adding a Lipo battery (with ESC if needed) or swapping motor (with ESC and Lipo if needed).

I was initially looking at HSP but was turned away from that due to quality.

I've made a list of cars that seem to suit my criteria. The delivery charges on these below models seems to be around $15 which i think is great!

Durango DEX210 Race Ready RTR 2WD Brushless Buggy $329 before delivery.
Kyosho 1/10 Dirt Hog RTR 4WD Electric Buggy $349 before delivery.
Thunder Tiger SparrowHawk XXB Brushless 4WD Buggy RTR w/ Battery $299 before delivery. (They have this exact model on eBay for $290 delivered from Northside RC - Could be a winner?)
Traxxas Bandit 1/10 Extreme Sports XL-5 RTR $299 before delivery.
HPI E-Firestorm RTR w/ 2.4ghz, Battery & Charger $329 before delivery.

I have read a few reviews, done a lot of research but am unsure which direction to head, ultimately, if the $290 car is great, saving the $60 - $80 between that and the higher priced models, may mean i have further room for a better battery or spares as needed.

I would love any help, suggestions or information as well as experiences.

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