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Hi All,
This may be a little left of field, but I'm working on an industrial project to create a functional scale model of a client's machine.
This won't be the first model we've been involved in making, but it will be the first that we have full control over. It will also be the smallest, and here in lies the challenge.
In an envelope of approximately 100mm x 50mm x 50mm, I need to fit 2x BLDC motors, 2x stepper or brushed dc motors, plus an ESC, raspberry pi zero and batteries.
The first question relates to the ESC - I intend to use small drone BLDC motors due to being an outrunner style, but I think I would like to use 1x RC Car ESC to control the 2x motors (they'll operate at the same speed). We used drone ESCs previously, but they don't seem to be able to operate at very low (near zero) speed. We want to have freedom of speed control from zero to maximum (whatever that might be). Are there any reasons why an RC Car ESC couldn't be used to control 2x drone motors in this manner?
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