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Hi all!

looking to upgrade ESC and engine on my slash Ultimate and want to go with Mamba X for ESC but having a hard time figuring out which engine to go for (running on 3s at the moment)

Castle recommended their 1415 engine 2400kv but more than one said I would actually loose power on that compared to the 3500kv stock Traxxax engine. I also had a look at their 1512 at 2650kv and 1515 at 2200kv as I believe those also fit.

I am fairly new to RC and this just feels as a jungle the more I read about it. Surely these engines should be better than the stock one given their price?

Any thoughts / opinions / expertise would be greatly appreciated!

I am not looking to do speed runs here, I mainly bash and I would just like the car to be stronger. Sensor motor is also something I really like, to get rid of the clogging at low speeds.

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