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SJ electronics SWALLOW - 1-10 cells, 3amp max

GWS MC 2002 - 1-10 cells, 6amp max.

The Swallow, has some good features n' all, but it'll just take too long (3amp), and won't be as punchy, right?

So my final question on this matter, is has anyone had any bad experiences with the GWS MC 2002 or the Swallow? Which would you get?

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Get the GWS MC 2002.

I just got one from a recommendation from "jjjrules".

It's a great charger - comes with all the leads you'll need and works really well.

Cut out protection after 90 minutes etc etc - looks good too and solid construction.

Got mine off Ebay for $68 including postage. "moppocars" is the seller and his name is Les from Lake Munmorah Hobbies (near Newcastle). His shop price is $89.

You won't regret the purchase.


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