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Coffs "Harbour Helifest" 2008

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16th 17th 18th May 2008.
The dates are official .
Vendors are invited. With prior arangement only.(in other words don't turn up on the day and expect to be allowed to trade)
Click on the attached image, print it out and stick it up on the notice board at your club.
2007 was HUGE, wonder what 2008 will be like.
Motels on Park Beach Rd Coffs


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1. Peter priming the Wessex
2. The largest crowd gathered at a pad to watch the oldest bird take flight..
3. She flies beatifully.
4. Skidd tries to kidnap the bird. "Can I have it??... "
5. "No! Put the bloody thing DOWN!"
6. "Please Pete. Please? At least let me carry it!"

Peter with his Wessex, and a very admiring Skidd. The age of the machine, and the fabrication was all the magnetism needed for the model appreciative Skidd. I really believe that Skidd would get just as much enjoyment looking at this replica sitting on the shelf, as he would seeing it in the air.

The kangaroos in the background just didn't care at all......


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LOL... thanks Woolly, I got a laugh outta that! I didn't even know that you were back there with the camera.

Pete and I had planned to discuss the "relocation" of his Wessex on the following Thursday when I was due to meet him at his club field but some unfortunate events conspired to keep us apart.

Now I'll just jave to mull over it until the next time I can get up that way and harass him again. ;)
Great piccys and brilliant captions , Wooly! I didn't realise you could read my mind....:D
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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