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Some great news for the club in terms of fund raising!

Kris has been organising for some club members to volenteer to help with raffling off a brand new HPI Baja 5T RTR, at the Bunnings warehouse in Capalaba.

The raffle starts this weekend on Saturday 11th Sept where Ashley, Kris and Myself will have a bench, QORLS banner, the Baja 5T and hopefully some flyers to display to the general public.

The same as above will also be continuing on Sunday 12th Sept (Belmont race day) and will need volenteers to run the raffle. The spots may already be taken, just waiting for confirmation, but still - please let either Kris or myself know if your happy to volenteer.

Tickets will be $2.00 each or $5.00 for three. Given the popularity of Bunnings on a weekend, we are sure to raise some good funds for the club. I have baught plenty of raffle tickets.

The raffle will last for one month and the winner will be drawn at Bunnings and notified via phone call.

On a second note, Ken has volenteered to host a BBQ lunch on race days and all funds raised will of course be going towards the construction of our clubs driver stand and race equipment.

There also has been some suggestions in terms of a "shine & show" event to be held inside a shopping center (Carindale as suggested) to help generate intrest in our hobby. We'll be looking into what is required to do this in the future.

If there is anything I have missed or suggestions from the members, please give a holla!


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Hi QORLS Members

On behalf of QORLS I would like to thank Gerald from OZ-RC for offering us a great deal on a new 5T to be used as a price in QORLS raffle. This great price will be displayed at the stand with a note mentioning OZ-RC generosity and support.

This raffle will be held at the front entrance of Capalaba Bunnings. Over three weekends:
11th, 12th, 25th, 26th of September and 2nd, 3rd of October.
The objective of this raffle is to raise money for our club.
With the help of our friends at Bunnings Capalaba and the amount of traffic that this store creates this raffle should be a success.
Our friends at Bunnings forecast a net income of about $4,000.00. This figure is based on past raffles held at the store.

Please get behind this great opportunity and support QORLS.
Everyone is welcome to buy a ticket or two. We will be selling tickets at the race meeting this Sunday.
Here is your chance to own a new HPI 5T for only $2.00.

Good luck!!!


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Tom and Ashley doing us proud, selling raffle tickets at the local Bunnings.:thumb:
Hey guys!
Focus on ticket sales not the local talent!!??:cool:


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