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Checklist for unboxed brand new RTR vehicle?

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I was told that RTR cars have little or no silicon oil in the diff and it should be on your initial checklist pre-startup. Is this a common thing? Has anyone done this? What did you find?

Yesterday I googled "diff removal" and saw a youtube video. My internet was playing up and it kept buffering so I didn't wait to finish watching the video and thought "it's a pretty short video, cant be to hard", so from there I had my mind set on holding that diff in my hands. Start time 4:30pm. A couple of mates came over just as i started at the back of the car and watched me slowly disassemble it. Mick couldn't believe how much of the car I was taking apart, freaking out at every piece I removed and kept trying to stop me but Bill has the same car as me so he trying to get me to take off other things so he could do his car. When I reached the rear upper plate I knew that I had vastly underestimated the breakdown and they were haha told you so. Suffice to say I didn't get much done on it after that until they left at about 9:00pm. Finally made it to the diff and I was glad that when i opened it up that nothing was dripping. It was packed with grease and they had used some black gasket seal and it was dried and wrapped all around the bevel gears and the carriers (X metal washer and plastic holder), but gasket was good. It took me over 40 minutes to get the bevel gears out because one of the carriers was jammed into the housing. Amazingly I found the first evidence of loctite on the entire car on the bearings where the diff shafts go. It was 11:30pm when I finished but everything was clean and ready to be re-installed, when I get oil, grease, loctite, maybe S/S screws and nyloks if I do the gearbox mod. The video that I didn't finish watching was about the Turtle Racing Quick Diff mod.
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Which rtr you have? Hpi, km, rovan? If you have hpi 5b then I think it comes with plastic diff cups which are rubbish! If you want a good diff try this set up or some thing close enough
TR diff saver
Black bone diff gears
Uber ball drive cups
Diff bushes are replaced with bearing
Have also placed the missing bearing
TR quick diff and 30k oil

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I've a Rovan clone 5B and yeah the TR Quick diff start the whole tear down procedure to start with. I was quite surprised because I was expecting in the gearbox under the drive gear to be a bush. The bearing was there and an alloy diff. I usually find the parts at RovanRC but this time I ended up at the Aussie version of KingMotorRC, PredatorRC. The holy trinity of RC. So it is a PredatorRC branded diff case. View attachment 55705 I hadn't seen Uber ball drive cups before. The TR quick diff shoud have been implemented by HPI a long time ago. The only reason to have access to the gearbox/diff that much of a hassle is that none is going to check the diff levels. The quick diff is a good fix. Now that my rig is half dismantled I am going through it and replace the screws and nuts, loctite. I did think of TR upgrades. The single mount brake, it came with a alloy clutchbell carrier so thats ok atm but attention is needed there. So while its downtime I can work out how I want it to come together. I will do all the easy mods now and get them out the way now and later I can start bolting wads of my cash onto it. I saw a lot of the free mods on youtube and some build tutorials that helped. I really have no idea about the diff oil considering I've only done 5 tanks and two were breaking in. Basically if you ask anyone what to do, it's you can do whatever you like, it's up to your driving style. So HPI recommend 1000w to start, is that the middle because people are going up to 100000. I found this 3K - Best for everyday driving, 10K - Best used when your running on slippery surfaces such as grass or on loose dirt and gravel. 30K - Ideal for your sand rig. 60K - As close as you will need to get for locking your diff without all the wear and tear on your drive train and broken parts that are associated with a solid diff locker. It will be a long time before I will be going anywhere by sand.
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