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Hello all. I am just wondering if those smart chargers are necessary for a 3s lipos with mAh ranging from 3000 to 5000.

I know some of these charges have a balance current of 1A if to 1.5A

Just thinking if there is a big difference in charge time between these smart chargers and the normal 4 button charger which have a balance current of 300-500 mah.

Im only running on 3s lipos 5000mah.


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Depends what you are looking for in a charger, charging multiple batteries at once and how fast etc. A normal run of the mill 50w charger will take roughly 1 hour to charge say a 5000mah lipo at 1C (5 amps). This is fine if you are charging single batteries one at a time, if you are wanting to charge multiple in one his a higher powered charger 100w or larger with a parallel charging board will allow you to charge multiple batteries at 1C within that same hour. I've got a 300w Turnigy Reaktor (now discontinued) powered by a 540w power supply and is more than big enough for my needs. I generally only charge one battery at a time as thats how I use my cars, but generally charge in pairs when doing for my E Revo which takes two batteries.

So work out what you do want from the charger, your budget and go from there.
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