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Can't post iTrader feedback

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I tried to provide some feedback for something I bought off a member, but when I try and submit it unhelpfully indicates nothing more than "There was an error in your deal details!"
I wonder if it is because the thread is closed, or maybe it's just to complicated a thing for someone with 0 posts to do :)
Any ideas???
(Sorry if this should have gone in the Issues/Bugs/Concerns thread)
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Actually, I remember having the exact same problem months ago with my first and only trade here too.

It was a pretty simple form to submit with the dropdown windows etc.....but without knowing exactly what this error was, I could only use trial & error (mostly error). Without success.
Theres your answer below! And Pete says he is not IT savvy!
Have you copied the deal thread details?

Make sure you have filled in all the details, and try to submit again

The thread being closed doesnt make any difference, as long as the thread is still visible you will be able to leave feedback

For copying the deal thread, locate the thread in the for sale section, right click and highlight the properties info, copy those details and click ok.

Click on the seller/buyers name and select feedback, at the bottom there will be a hotlink to submit feedback for ***

Click the link, complete the details and submit.

Hope that helps

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Hey towie and others. Thanks for the feedback, I found the iTrader submission okay, just didn't know what was wrong with the deal details I added (I just cut and pasted the URL from the browser address bar). Anyway .......

FYI (well for others really) I tried submitting the form a couple of times from chrome, then from ie I did the same thing, but got an error complaining about the message being to short.
I had filled out the brief description, but didn't realise the additional comments where apparently mandatory, adding some superflous comments (e.g. Wow thanks for the deal little_drifter) seemed to do the trick.

Cheers HJS
Sweet you got it through.

Yeah the message although probably un-necessary, is required to complete the feedback

I think it would be more useful when applying a negative or neutral feedback, giving the person the opportunity to explain their reasoning in more detail then the short message
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