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Brisbane RC lockout at all bmx tracks

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Hi all I'm really disappointed that I can't take my truck to any public access bmx tracks in Brisbane.. especially when my truck directly states "take it to your local bmx track ,skate park, etc... Now I've been too Mooroodu road Ive been to victoria point jumps Cleveland skate park the bowls at Alex hills.. can't use Wynnum bmx can't use Capalaba and I can't use the pump track at Ormiston because it's usually flooded with kids... So my question is .. where I can find a track that isnt exclusively large scale off-road eg 1/5 nitros So I can drive this in a manner other then launching out of a quarter pipe into oblivion or a bunch of by standers :/ any help I would really appreciate
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts