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this is something that I have put together from my own experience with the S25 on my Savage and also from my Picco 26 that now reside where the S25 once did.

I have not had any problems starting the new engine, it actually started FIRST TIME and did not stall at all through the entire Break in process and it has run like a dream ever since break in. So I hope this helps somenitro newbies.

1) Check needle settings and ensure that they are as per your manual. This is usually the best spot to start for a beginner.

2) Take the factory glow plug out, as they are not usually suited to the rich break in settingsand use a hotter plug. I used a Enya #4.

3) Fill your tank with fuel.

4) Put yourCar or Truckon a box or stand so the wheels can spin freely.

5) With your Radio gear turned OFF manually open the carb about a 1/4 of the way.

6) Get a regular everyday hairdryer and heat the block until it reaches about 140f to 150f. This will help the first start. This takes about 2 or 3 minutes.

7) Prime the motor byputting your finger over the exhaust outlet. Pull your Pull Starter once or twice, or if using a Roto Start,Press the Roto start button only VERY BREIFLY and watch the fuel in the fuel line. Once the fuel is about 1/2 an inch from reaching the carb - STOP, as this is enough.

8 ) Now you are ready to fire it up and Heat Cycle the engine. Be ready to adjust the carb by hand just incase it is open to much or not enough. Pull the Starter orPress the Roto start button until the motor fires up (this should only take a few seconds with the Roto). Once the motor fires up remove the Roto Start and adjust the carb openingby handfor a slightly high idle. (My S25 started first go using this method and did not stall at all through the entire process).

9) Once it is idling OK just let it sit there running for 3 minutes. Keep an eye on the temps and make sure they don't go to high.

10) After 3 minutes, shut the motor down by putting your finger over the exhaust. Once the motor stops use your finger to spin the flywheel and make sure the piston is not stuck at Top Dead Centre. Basically just make sure you can spin the fllywheel back and forward a little.

11) Let the motor completely cool down and then repeat steps 8, 9 and 10 4 more times.

12) Once you have completed Heat Cycling the motor you can then take it off the stand or box and get ready to take it for a little drive!! Fill your tank to the top in preperation. For the next 3 tanks DO NOT ADJUST THE HSN or LSN NEEDLES. You want it to still run really rich. Drive the car like this, avoiding prlonged use of full throttle for 3 tanks of fuel.

13) By this stage you will have done 5 heat cycles and driven through 3 full tanks of fuel. Now you are ready to start tunning the carb!! Firstly remove the Hot glow plug you put in for break in and install a cooler plug. I used an Enya #5. Over the next few tanks of fuel you can slowly (1 hour turns at most) start to lean out the HSN. You will slowly see the performance of the truck start to improve. Do not rush this process, you really want another 2 tanks of fuel to go through the car/truck while doing this.

14) Now you are ready to really make some power!! Firstly you need to tune the HSN and make sure that it has a nice blue trail of smoke from the exhaust at all times, but allows the engine to rev freely right through the range. Depending on what engine you have, try to keep temps under the 120c mark.

15) Now tune your LSN. This usuallyreally will not need much, if any adjustment from the factory setting

16) Lastly set your idle to a nice smooth idle.

That is it!! Your engine has been broken in and will start to loosen up more and more as you run more fuel through it. Just keep an eye on your temps and the smoke trail from your exhaust.
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