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Greetings all,

I guess being a Terra Crusher owner, it's a bit strange for me to be asking questions about Savage break in and needle settings etc but as I am helping a friend out who isn't quite up to my level of experience with engine tuning (not that I am very far advanced in this regard!!!) here goes.............

Rob has about 7 tanks thru and has been following the manual but today we found out that some slight misreading of the material by him meant that the HSN was in at only 2 turns out. LSN is still at factory (although this wasn't checked, so here's hoping it is where it should be).

I've since put the HSN at 2 3/4 turns out and still have an abundance of smoke and fuel exiting the exhaust.

Another observation from assisting him today, is that to get the thing to idle without stalling or racing, the trim on the radio has to be all the way to the left and the idle screw just about all the way out. There doesn't appear to be much room for any adjustment. I am just wondering, whether I should be actually adjusting the throttle linkages, with the trim on the radio at centre and the idle screw in about 1/2 way. The way it is now, it is idling as low as I can get it, without taking off and without stalling it when brakes are applied - but it is still idling quite high with no more adjustment available to rectify.

Temps have been monitored and it seems to be running at between 180 - 210F although, at this stage, after 7 tanks, the throttle has not been opened up more than about 1/2 way - WOT is still to be experienced.

Last thing - the truck will stall when throttle is applied which would indicate needles still aren't right at 2 3/4 on the HSN and factory on the LSN.

So, its over to you guys.

Any ideas to help me out?

(PS - Whilst I'm very impressed with the build of the Savage and the overall feel, albeit, only experienced at breakin, I'm still in no hurry to get rid of my Terra Crusher just yet. It runs stock, ecept for a forward only conversion (Kippster Racing) and replacing the stock Tamiya FS18 with an Epic big bore 18 (yet to be broken in.)

Cheers ............and thanks in advance!

BTW - I guess at 46 years of age I'd be considered by some of you younger whips as an old bugger - so please reply in languauge I can understand...LOL

Look forward to your replies.


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ok first up, 2 and 3/4 turns is a bit lean for break in, but since its running at 210 tops (hoping this is in F, i cant spell that word sorry, in F and not celcius)and also its the 7th tank or sothen itshould begood then

hmm... the factory settings just for your info are

LSN: 3 Turns Out
HSN: 4 1/2 Turns Out

by now i think itd be time to lean it out and do some high speed passes

try hard not to touch the idle screw, i havent had to at all and my savage is running fine so i dont really see a need to unless its a last resort type thing

but i think the settings at the moment would be fine, just lean out the hsn and tune the lsn back to factory and adjust it for quicker acceleration

remember, the HSN is for the temperature and high speed and the LSN is for acceleration and such.

Oh yes... if it idles higher towards the end of the tank, such as when the tank is nearly run out, i suggest doing the duel tank mod which can be found in the forums of www.savage-central.comand it will fix that issue.

i cant think of anything else, so we will have to see what other members thoughts are

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I reckon you should start again from factory.

Unhook the throttle linkage and set the HSN to 4.5 turns out from closed. I found 3 turns on on the LSN still a bit lean and I set it to flush. Hold the carb closed with your finger and set the idle screw so that it opens the carb about 2mm. Reconnect the linkage.

Idle will be a prick at this point, apply throttle and it will stall. Once it is warmed up it should be fine. Set the throttle trim to open the carb a little further and hit the roto. It should start. Idle it up on the trims and let it buzz around slowly until it's temps come up a little. Then you should be able to accelerate without stalling.

Do some passes and lean the HSN until you are achieving 2nd gear. Once it can hit 2nd, I wouldn't lean it more than that - yet. Now go to work on the LSN so acceleration is good. If you need to play more with the HSN after that for fine adjustment - go for it.

Everyone says that the S-25 and Stock carb hold tune, is a dream to tune, etc, etc. I have always thought it was a little fiddley. It doesn't like to run until it is up to temp, and I always had to idle around, slowly building speed before I could get to a point that I could jam on the gas. But hey, maybe that's just cause I am a prick of a tuner.....

See how you go. And by the way, I still think the Terra Crusher is a BIG, Bad Arse truck. It is well made, and still dwarfs the Savage. Shame it is underpowered out of the box though. Hurry up and break in that Epic would you....!


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