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Bloody Newbie Message!

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:p I *cough* may of accidentally replied to a topic 3 times :rolleyes: :cool: before I spotted the "this post needs to be approved by a moderator" message.

Maybe wrap some colour/style/css tags around it so that it stands out more, I only spotted it on the 3rd time. And before some git calls me blind, i'm on a 27" screen 1ft from the eyeballs so it ain't that.... or is it? :mad:
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meh don't lose sleep over it, won't be the first & won't be the last

although used to work from a 20"+ CRT yrs back... i'm hating giant LCDs for desktop use.
My 24" blewup & still haven't gotten around to fixing/replacing... get dizzy
from looking all over & RSI from the mouse travelling so far. :)
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