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belmont shooting complex

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hey everyone. Bare with me, this is on my phone... I figured whist we're on the lookout for a permanent place to call home, i decided to send an e.mail to the belmont range office about what is available. In my e.mail i described who we are, what we do and our plans for a professional offroad track. Today i recieved a phone call from the dude in charge and he said there will be a commitee meeting this thursday and asked me to send him some photo's of our baja's in action to present to his committee. I'll be sending a few pics later tonight. From what i understand already, belmont range is right near the gateway motorway, central to the majority of brisbane, 24 hour security with toilets. The land i've been eyeing off and possibly up for grabs is an abandoned cricket field. The only downside to this is an expensive lease but i'll wait till i get home and check my e.mail. Considering it's location and facilities, i think the belmont complex is very ideal. What does everyone think?
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This field is huge are we going to need all of it?
Is it going to be for the track only or car parks as well?
Everything including car parks, pits and the track I assume... I'm thinking I'll give him a call and try meet up on friday morning if he's free and hopefully give him more of an idea of what we're after.

If he doesn't want cars parked on the oval, the dirt area where I was standing in the pics above should be large enough for a number of cars to park on that. Should of taken a pic of it but I didn't.
Looks good and thanks for your work.

A suggestion is maybe consider putting the track over near the trees (assuming there are no properties on the other side of the trees).This will be as far away as possible from the bar area. Also if the track is near the trees it will be protected from the wind and help keep the dust down.

Just my observations from the photo's.

thanks baja, down the back of the oval in the photo's is old cleveland road, either side of the oval is pretty much bush.
looks good tom just yell out when you are all going down next and i will see if i can get down :thumb: thanx
Hi all members
I would like to thank Tom for keeping the spirit going.:thumb:
We all know that Tony is going through some rough times at the moment. (Hope we will see you soon Tony.)
It is good to see that the rest of the committee is still focused on our goals.
Thank you - Tom and Steve S.:thumb:
Steve any news on the Club registration?

yeah m8 as of 13/11/09 we are now an incorporated club :thumb:all systems go :D

Received an E-mail from Rex Wigney and he will be free anytime next friday (4th dec) for a meeting. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the Belmont complex, please let me know as soon as possible before I reply with a meeting time (preferabbly anytime between 10am and 3pm would be good).

As QORLS is eagerly searching different locations around brisbane, we will be looking at which place is central, has good facilities and a low rental price. Belmont as I've mentioned before caters for everything we could want, the only unknown is the cost to QORLS for rent so just a reminder, it will be expensive and may not be ideal for us price-wise.
Will be meeting Rex at the belmont complex at 3:30, this Friday 4th.
I asked him about the price for rental of the oval and he said that it would have to be negotiated, so unfortunatly price is still an unknown.
awesome work tom :thumb: i cant make the meeting unfortunatly my missis got prior plans around 4.30 so i got to look after all the kids :bang:
there will be a next time im sure :thumb:
steve s

Todats meeting went very well :thumb: Kris and Myself met up with Rex and discussed more about the club, safety, permanant structures and facilities, ect.

The main oval being up for the taking is currently being considered being used for an opening ceremony for the world championship shooting in late 2011. During this time, Rex wishes to keep the ground in good condition and slowly work on it untill the ceremony. The thing is, this has not been confirmed yet and Rex is more than happy for us to call the oval home.

The oval itself already has a water irrigation pipe running accross the oval and we would be allowed to tap into that pipe for our own water needs. There is plenty of space for a car park (and thats not on the oval), The toilets are always open and the bar/club is open on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.

Rex also said he can arrange dump trucks to offload dirt where ever we need it at no charge.

Although I forgot to mention power, myself and Kris were talking about the accessability of power, which could be done but will have to discuss it more.

Rex showed us another site that is alot further away from the facilities near the oval, which we can possibly have at any time. At site 2, there is already shelter directly next to where a track would be marked. This would have to be temporary though as I personally thought it was a bit out of the way and didn't like it much.

If Rex calls me up and confirms that the Opening ceremony will not be on the oval, that site WILL BE OURS and then will have to discuss a price for the land. I did ask him about the price of the lease but he needs to speak to his president.

The oval has never been used in a few years and the open ceremony is the ONLY time they have considered using the oval. Considering the ceremony is in 2011, I really think we should use the Durak site for a short-term piriod and look at belmont for the long-term goal.

I'll post more info later, I gotta go out :D
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Rex also spoke about holding a demonstration event on the proposed oval. This was to check for any noise issues that could be a problem, although he did say that it shouldn't be. Considering we have our races held on Sundays, there is no-one working around the offices and therefore noise *shouldn't* be of a concern. I do believe we should run silencers anyway. I think for our second QORLS race event, it should be held at belmont so everyone can get a feel for the environment and share their thoughts.

Please guys, if you have any questions or suggestions - feel free to speak up. The more feedback we get from the members, the more we know what the members want :)
Hey all, Update time :)

Just received an update from Rex, we have a good chance that we can setup on the oval and that the ceremony may be held elsewhere, which means Belmont may be available to us sooner than we think :thumb:

Rex also suggested we have a race meet/demonstration on either the 17th or the 24th of January (4-5 weeks away) at belmont and I would love to have as many members there as possible to show to him that we are a healthy, growing and organised club.

I still need to call him and find out more info but as always, I will definatly keep this thread updated as this progress. I'll try put up a poll as for the next race day be it the 17th or 24th.
Hey Tom good work! Wish I could get down for the race meet but won't be able to unfortunately. It would be great to be able to race at belmont the next time I'm down
Change of plan guys for the dates, race day will be held on the 24th of January at the request from Rex.

I really encourage everyone to attend to show that we are a serious club.
Not much of an update but a reminder about this weekends racing.

I'm unsure if Rex (executive officer) will hang around the entire day or pop in at any time so please keep the oval as clean as possible.

I'll update this thread once again after the race event with the feedback I get from Rex Wigney. Hopefully with more info to share.

After todays very successful race meet, Rex was more than impressed with the way we presented ourselves and with our hobby. Infact the feedback was very positive to which he brought his family along, plus his wife will be bringing more family to the next race meet to spectate.

As far as Noise is concerned, mufflers will still be run as a requirement. There is no issues for noise as far as Rex is concerned as he walked around the track and feild during the racing and believed this was not a problem.

Dust unfortunatly was the biggest problem and a sprinkler system is a very simple solution that QORLS and Rex are happy to use. As mentioned before in this thread, there is a small dam that the complex uses to pump water around and Rex is more than happy for us to possibly tap into the pipe-line and use the water. QORLS will be looking into this.

As QORLS is not currenty covered for liability insurence, rex explained that it will be a requirement on our behalf to be insured before any sort of aproval can be applied/accepted. This is currenty being looked after.

Rex mentioned that there are pot holes all over the cricket field. These holes were previously used for a fence and the complex has taken out the poles (still with cement on the ends). Rex will look into giving us those poles to use as a fence line.

Ground Keeping - QORLS has taken the responsibility of mowing the grass around the track, which will be upto the pipe-line trench and the cricket pitch. Everywhere else will be looked after by the Shooting Complex.

Now for the Better news.

Rex has given QORLS permission to use the oval for racing and practice starting from today. Based on the positive feedback from rex, he will be pushing behind QORLS to help give our club a home on the oval. He explained he has another committee meeting and will mention and show video/photo's from todays event to his committee.

Unfortunatly, the main tick of approval does not fall within the powers of Rex as we still need other council and other higher athorities approval before QORLS has officially claimed home to Belmont. This may take some time and again, this is not something that QORLS nor Rex can influence. We all just need to be patient.

Permanant buildings (such as the use of a container for a drivers stand), will still not permitted on the oval untill we have aproval from higher athorities. QORLS will be looking for a non-permanant alternative for a drivers stand for the time being.

I think I covered everything.
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Forgot to update this thread :eek:

As QORLS is making progress with obtaining the Belmont shooting complex, all activity is on hold at belmont, meaning there will be no practices or racing there untill we have approval. We will be racing at Durack for the time being.

Since the last update, Rex Wigney is currenty working on pushing us through the red-tape and getting QORLS through to the next stages at claiming home to Belmont. Again, this process will take time and require everyones patience. Unfortunatly I don't have an ETA.

It will definatly be worth it in the end as those who raced at belmont on the 24th of Jan were very happy with the facilities and options available at Belmont.

Will update when more info is out.

Recieved an E-Mail from Rex Wigney and he stated that not all of the representatives are happy with Rex's proposal. He said we need to write up a very good, informative submission to win them over and progress on.

We need to outline:
1. What you want
2. How often you would use the facility
3. There was an indication of making Belmont the Australian Centre. What
would this mean?
4. Mention international participation
5. How many participants in Club, State National and International events
6. Legal status of the Club ie Incorporation
7. Public Liability insurance
8. Plans for maintenance of the track/fences/drivers platform
9. Safety
10. Number of spectators, therefore cars for a major event
And anything else we can think of.

I'll be speaking with the committee to get things underway with this as soon as possible. Seems like alot of "red tape" !
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I think we need to get together on this, and write up the proposal.

What they have asked for seems pretty strait forward. shouldn't be to hard.

can the committee get together sometime this week?
yeah this sunday morning, Kris suggested to meet at his place and sort the insurance and the proposal form out. Gotta get in touch with Rick and see if he can come down too.
Update time.

Since I last updated this thread, QORLS has typed up the proposal letter and I delivered it myself to the Shooting Complex. It's been a few weeks since handing in the form so on Wednesday, 7th April, I went to visit Rex Wigney and seek an update from him.

I got to speak with him on the phone (he was out'n about the complex) and he mentioned that we'll need to provide an approximation of cars, spectators and members that would turn up to a major event. This was to give the higher authorities a little judgement if "crowd management" would be needed. In turn, This will be looked at over the next two race events (Gympie Qualifiers and Origin events), and the figures will be based on that for Rex.

Rex reassured me that if the decision was only up to himself for QORLS to claim home at Belmont, we would already be there. QORLS still has the complete support from him and I can only ask everyone to please still be patiant. This is a slow process.

In the meantime, QORLS is still looking for possible short-term (or possibly permanant) locations to race at. I've been informed by Rick-Baja about a place over on the northside, approx the same distance across the gateway bridge as it is to belmont. Our Speedway members used to race at this location. Will update when I find out more info.

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