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nice to meet you.
New body, tire, hand bar (roll cage)
After installing the existing wheelie bar, I drove on the beach with passion.
The battery that I used for a long time had full stomach and low voltage cuts several times.
Eventually, it ran cool and burst.
It's a common experience, but you guys are also careful. ^^;

Body: Proline Racing Ram 1500 clear body (3427-00
Tires: Proline Racing Badlands MX38 3.8" All Terrain Tires Mounted (10127-10)
Parts: Nanda Racing Handle Bar (AL Gray)-MA2206 (Hand Bar)
HPI Wheelie Bar

A purple metallic body and bad land tires that dig into the ground are good.
The hand bar prevents body damage like a body roll cage.
Finally, the wheelie bar reduces rollover accidents when lifting the head with high power.

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