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AUSRC.COM v3 - Go Live Date

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Hi guys,

It is my intention to go live with the new forum, with the upgrade on Friday night 27 August 2010.

At this stage I will close the forum at probably 4.30pm on Friday afternoon, and commence the backups, with the roll-out being completed (all going well) by about 12 or 1 am Saturday morning.

As such, to all those testers that have been very helpful, I would like to make one final request.

Given that you have all had the inside running on how the new forum works, can we please use this thread for you to make notes about the new system is different, the new features you have encountered, and anything else the is worthy of a mention.

I will reserve the next post, so that I will then consolidate all of your comments into a "AUSRC.COM v3 Release" post, that I can put up as an announcement when the forum reopens.

If you are not sure what I mean... just ask.

Thanks again for your help to date... I am very excited about getting v3 launched.

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Reserved by AUSRC for consolidating posts.
A few to get us started:

Embedded Video - with the release of v3, the embedded video code has changed. As such, legacy videos will now display as a link, as opposed to an embedded video. To post new videos, please use the "Video Post" button. Additionally, if you have threads where you have previously posted videos, and they are now showing as links, you can edit the thread, copy the link and repost it using the "Video Post" button to correct this.

iTrader - iTrader has been updated and now has a great deal more functionality. You can see it by selecting the iTrader option in the top menu bar.

Image Resizing - this is working just fine in the forum and in the blogs. It does not work if the thread is then posted to the AUSRC.COM homepage. So, if you want an article published in the Review, Clubs or News sections of the homepage, please ensure your images are 640 pixels wide or less.

Blogs - every member now has access to their own blog. This should help to keep the forums more relevant, and if you want to post any "what did I do today" stuf... put it in your blog.

Groups - not sure what to say about these yet.
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Well Chris has got it covered I think with the above.

Also just a mention of that chat feature or 'shout box' we will have with the new version

Thanks again Chris
I'm giving the chat box a week max lol.

They never seem to last... We need a chat room instead that opens a new window if possible. Keeps the forum cleaner and people who don't want to see the rambling on don't have to.

It didn't last on the old one coz it screwed the site.

This one works fine - or so it seems
Fair enough, we'll see how it goes :)

depends how the server handles the load i guess... :)
The production server SHOULD be fine....tell you Saturday.
The production server SHOULD be fine....tell you Saturday.
The chat box seems to be pretty good in the V3 test site, hope it works fine when all members have access to it.

I think groups will be more fun then anything. The test site groups seems to be good, however it may get out of hand with people creating groups for absolutley everything.

Only time will tell.

bags me the "I am the ONLY member in this Group SIG" ;)

Be interesting to see who falls into the blogger habit.
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