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lol i sleep at my apartment a few nights a, thu, fri and sat...


went down into the garage last night

its like a store room

had a looka round...saw some pc powerplay magazines so i got a few of them...

looked one way and saw the aurora afx i threw my magazines down and carried the box back upstairs...

can't remember when i bought this....hmmm 1996? or something...or 1995...its a slot car

lol...all the parts were still there...damn i'm a good boy...i kept all the parts

put the thunderloop thriller track together, connected the power and remote...and car just stutters on the track...

so i get a tissue and start rubbing the metal tracks clean...

i had a look at my cars...skyline r32 gtr, ford taurus? and i had 2 formula 1 cars...surprisingly the skyline handled like always fell off the wall...probably the magnets...

the ford has a stuff pinion...what did i do to it?~!~!? lol...anyways couldn't find anthing to take the pinion out...

and all the parts of the car are so familar...theres the amature...brushes...except they are just 2 metal sheets...which springs keep them pressed onto the ground...

i never knew what an armauture or how this thing worked before...LOL i was in year 5 probably...

i had 2 sets of brushes and springs...they wereunused....had no burn marks on them...ahhh cool

so i started driving with the would stop and i kept on pushing it along with my hand until it did a few laps...and the metal track started to work zippp..up the wall around the loop...ahhhhh...

yeah these cars sound hectic...looks like its a 50 turn motor lol...but i can't tell...

so i went full throttle through the loop...and up the wall and my car went flying 1 metre into the air

doh...ah well

yeah...did some 50 more laps...sat there just staring at the cars...

the other controller wasn't working...doh...

but i put 2 F1 cars on the same track and both cars went except hard to control oh well...

yeahhh took out the hairpin track parts...and made a track....the car will spin if you take the hairpin too imagine if you can drift it and floor it at the exact moment...haha drifting slot cars...

the formula cars have some kind of moving block??? if you look exactly at the bottom...where the comm is...there is a block ontopwhich you can push in to the left or right. what is that?

bleh and no ball bearings in these slot cars...hahaaha

ohhh how fun...

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Hey, the afx sets are cool. I still kind of collect them, but I have a friend who is seriously into them.

The F1 cars are super G+ ones and the adjustment on the front of the end bell is to change the timing !! Go one way for more torque for slower tracks, or the other way for higher RPM for fast tracks.

You can get older cars - Magnatraction ones are pretty good - they go moderately fast, but you give them a big hit of power at the start of a corner and slide the whole way around.

Older cars are T-Jets (Thunder Jet 500) which I've only got one or 2 of but these things for me are really slow - more like a train set than racing car set. But there are people in the US that race this class of car only and with a few hop-ups apparently go very quick and make it a good challenge to control.

There are some places in the U.S. that make special purpose built race cars for these tracks - lexan bodies, crazy magnets and light weight chassis, independent front end (rotation not suspension) and wild armatures for a scarily fast little car.

Oh yeah, if you've ever gone to a big slot car track where they have 1/12 wing cars doing 100kph+ you can also get your AFX slot cars going on those tracks.Another guy in the U.S. makes a thing called a "Slide Guide" and it's a plastic guide that fits the AFX style cars and lets you play on the really big tracks. It's good fun, but I found that any bumps in the copper braid or track can really hurt such a small cars speed around the track.

Last thing I can add - you can route your own track if you want - pretty simple to do - 2 channels for copper braid plus one in between for the guide. Sand it back nice and smooth or lacquer it for a slippery track

So many things are possible with these little cars!


p.s. especially if anyone has an older AFX/Tyco/LifeLike HO slot cars they want to sell, my friend will probably be interested. LMK

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what is ho scale?

what scale are these cars? 1/100?

yeah i haven't heard any news about slot cars for the last few years...where are the big tracks? what is it like? only 2 lane or what?

and do these tracks work without looping? i'm gonna try tonight...make a drag strip all the way through my aparment...

hahaaha whoooo and i'll drag my 1/10 tl01 at the same time too

these cars i haveseem really fast, the F1 cars. i reckon it does like 50kph or i might be wrong...i've got another Mobile red/white F1 car around somewhere...i bought it separetly before too.

the skylines magnets are gone...the car doesn't stick when going up the justfallsLOL anyway i can make them strong again?

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azenis said:
migoreng said:
lol i sleep at my apartment a few nights a, thu, fri and sat...
Where do you sleep the other nights??

i sleep my room where i am right now on my

edit: for people whoi are lost...i have 2 apartment...and and a 1 storey house...

my mainhome is the house...i have everything computer...blah...yes...

theres nothing at the aparment except normal house computer here..okay lol

damn nismo hahaaEdited by: migoreng

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They are 1/64 scale. HO is the size we called those cars and the trains of the same size. Bigger than that is O scale (about 1:43), then OO scale is bigger again - like 1/24 I think. There are even smaller ones, N and Z scale!

I have a TYCO Nigel Mansell set, just a figure 8, but I bought the banked curver spiral kit, many more straights and curves, and chicanes. I have the two F1 cars that came with it, Super G plus Nissan 300zx, a LifeLike Mustang, and old '82 Vette (that I used run on ARTiN track with a Hornby 12v DC Transformer!!!), and an old AFX Jag Pan car.

The blocks you are refering to are carbon brushes that meet the comm like our touring modifieds.

Still got it, and no intention of selling it!!!
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