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Hi All,

I've had a Thunder Tiger XXB buggy for probably 6 months or so now, replaced a few main gears, tightened a few screws and replaced a few rims / tyres. I get the feeling that the 1/10 buggy isn't quite up to the new area that i appear to be racing it. Lots of tall grass, some small rocks (That keep getting caught in the gearing) and some sand. I figured it was time for a new beast so, upgrading (Hopefully an upgrade) to an Arrma Granite BLX. It was on clearance quite cheap and i decided to go with it. (Awaiting shipping).

This new Arrma has a 3600kv motor and an 80A ESC. What type of 2s and 3s batteries should i be running as far as amp output goes? I currently have a 2s 5200MAH 30c and a 3s 3300MAH 25c. Is the 3s going to be far too underpowered as far as amp draw goes? I understand that the Arrma will likely need more amps to move those bigger wheels. My current buggy (same size scale, 1/10) had no issues with the 3s on 3900kv motor.

Anyway, im looking forward to trying RWD over the AWD and also looking forward to not having to worry about centre shafts, front diff cup grub screws and front hex adapters stripping! I figured the RWD might require less troubleshooting but i guess i will find out.

Hope i made a good decision! (Please lie to me if you think i made a bad decision :cool:)
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