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Anyone doing FPV?

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I have been running an FPV setup for awhile now and was wondering if there were many on here doing the same?
It really adds more enjoyment to RC's
It would be nice to be able to swap ideas.

Current setup consists of..

Car and Radio

Car - Quantum Flux 3s.
TBS Crossfire Lite, with a TBS 8ch Diversity.
Controller - Radiolink RC6GS V3.

VTX - RushFPV Max Solo 2.5w antenna - TBS Triumph Pro.
Camera - Foxeer Cat 3.
Receiver - Eachine 5" monitor
Antennas, Vas Pepperbox and Vas Crosshair Extreme.

The Flux is a great bang for the buck, RC car and has done really well for both FPV and bashing/jumping.

I would be interested to see what others hear are using and how far they have managed to travel. At present, the best I have done, is 600 metres with clear video feed. But that was LOS, I am still playing around with setups to try and deal with tress etc and interferance in the video feed.

As you can see, I have everything mounted on top, this makes it easier to not only get at, but change out if needed. Plus I prefer this view when driving. The roll bar, serves not only as protection, but also a mount for the fan and lights. The camera is housed in a small peice of aluminium tube and the antenna is also housed in some ali tube.
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This is cool to see, FPV with quadcopters/drones is fairly common these days but you rarely see it on cars.
Are you using a display screen or goggles for the FPV viewing? Goggles would be wild with the speed surely
Perfect, you should record it and upload some of the footage. Would be cool to see.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts