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Anybody In Perth run boats??

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hey guys,

I'm looking anyone who runs rc boats in Perth, w.a?
Nitro, gas or FE doesnt matter. At the moment i'm running a supervee 27 BL and I usually float around the Ranford housing estate area where theres some nice ponds or the swan river around the shelly bridge. It would be good to see a few boats out together one day!
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big Pete as to ownership of the boat you have in your possesion is a question in doubt you never paid for the thing
a few of us from nitrobashers get out with our boats
we usually go to a lake in landsdale or another big one near ellenbrook
heres my 2 boats
miss bud
The other issue i have is the boat in its likeness is a copyrighted paint scheme and is therefor covered by copyright laws i own the rights to the paint scheme as i was the one who painted it and for that matter the boat as it was not paid
so i would ask that the pictures be taken of the website
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as per member rules
for the facts here pete just admit you didnt do the right thing i offered to fix any issues you had but in your wisdom you didnt take the offer and dont come up with new issues on the boat like the motor being rusty it was a brand new motor never started
your a lying ***** and it may get me kicked of here but you were never man enough to come to me and ask me to fix the problems you said you had
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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