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Anybody In Perth run boats??

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hey guys,

I'm looking anyone who runs rc boats in Perth, w.a?
Nitro, gas or FE doesnt matter. At the moment i'm running a supervee 27 BL and I usually float around the Ranford housing estate area where theres some nice ponds or the swan river around the shelly bridge. It would be good to see a few boats out together one day!
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big Pete as to ownership of the boat you have in your possesion is a question in doubt you never paid for the thing

The other issue i have is the boat in its likeness is a copyrighted paint scheme and is therefor covered by copyright laws i own the rights to the paint scheme as i was the one who painted it and for that matter the boat as it was not paid
so i would ask that the pictures be taken of the website
as per member rules
Are you for real?
Possession is 9 10th of the law lol
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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