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Anybody In Perth run boats??

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hey guys,

I'm looking anyone who runs rc boats in Perth, w.a?
Nitro, gas or FE doesnt matter. At the moment i'm running a supervee 27 BL and I usually float around the Ranford housing estate area where theres some nice ponds or the swan river around the shelly bridge. It would be good to see a few boats out together one day!
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a few of us from nitrobashers get out with our boats
we usually go to a lake in landsdale or another big one near ellenbrook
heres my 2 boats
miss bud

miss vegas
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what ever you think idiot
i wasnt going to go into this on the forum
but just to let you guys know i dont shaft people for no reason
yes i did buy the boat off this fool ian i did give him some cash cant remember how much was a long time ago now
first thing i found wrong was engine was rusty in the bore wasnt to bad thought i can live with it
i then put the boat in the water for a test run and it started to sink
bloody thing was full of cracks and holes
this is after he tells me its a great boat
thats why he never got any more cash out of me
new motor my big toe
its about time you got the needle out of your arm mate
if you still have a prob PM me dont bring it up here on the forum
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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