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Anybody In Perth run boats??

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hey guys,

I'm looking anyone who runs rc boats in Perth, w.a?
Nitro, gas or FE doesnt matter. At the moment i'm running a supervee 27 BL and I usually float around the Ranford housing estate area where theres some nice ponds or the swan river around the shelly bridge. It would be good to see a few boats out together one day!
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Hey bro, very sorry I can't hook up for a splash session with you - I'm in Melbourne. However I have recently picked up the same boat in good nick used with a mod prop. I am going to give it a jolly god seal up and anti rust before I run it as well as install a Nomadio transceiver and better servo so I can monitor voltage from my Tx. I have my tennis balls ready to rig up to my fishing rod for retrieval anyway (that is going to look so funny!)

Anyway I'd welcome any tips for running this boat as it's my first water based R/C.

Cheers in advance and good luck finding someone to splash (my boat alternative to bash) with!
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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