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got a nice big bag tiday full of stuff...

1. a GM sport ESC for my mate

2. futaba RX

3. futaba servo

4. 7 foam tyres on rims..arghh why not 8..sorry mate..

5. a nice black and white stratus...a bit wide for the TL01 but its a nice runner body

6. a nice black old transam body..i think...looks like those dirt oval
racers..mate was happy with it anyhow..apparently he wants to put "big
fats" on the rear...

7. a bright green alfa used...REALLY USED!!..pinched some decals off it to put on BMW body...

think ill use the hmmmm dunno yet...

8. a REALLY REALLY REALLY pink vauxhall astra nice paint job...very different

pity its like 50meters wide...well not really..just too friggen wide..

also got a unpainted PORSCHE GT1 with no decals...already cut out..just
needs painting, and a dremel around the wheel arches..cant use it
though..cant get it low enough cause of the low bonnet,

any one need a new body...hint hint

9. was a ugly monaro...mate got way im using it..

and there also was a big chunky wing from something..dunno what...

thanks again james...cheers


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lol good one zoom zoom

yeah i guess so in a way.....pity most bodies where too wide..

ahh well


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team azm..hmmmm

never heard of it..

mates got that body the BMW i use when i got PVC on, and i got that stratue to use with Tyres on....

anyone got wing for the back of the stratus??

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