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Hey all,

I was at my local shopping centre a few weeks ago and i heard the
unmistakable sound of a small hobby motor screaming its nut off, but it
was pulsating, as if it was going around and around in circles. I
rememberd something I saw on TV a few years back, it was a segment on a
kids show about the sport of tetherd racing.

Bascially u tie your car to some stainless wire, push start him and
once the car has driven itself up to speed you tell the track people to
start your count of eight laps. U have 8 laps to record your fastest

The cars have no radio gear, no slipper clutch, just a pinion on the motor and a spur attached to the rear axle.

They run full throttle but they have needle settings. They run a
battery full time for the glow plug. To stop them they have a fuel shut
off which is activated via a straw broom, the brrom just hits a small
piece of wire or metal that is sticks up from the car and closes the
fuel line.

When I was there I saw a car doing 240 kph and it was screaming. I
thought it was a 300 + pass but the guy who was showing me around
assured me it wasnt 300, we went and checked the computer and it was
242 kph.

Nitro is NOT used in any of these cars. Just methanol and castor oil !!!

here are some pics of the little beasties

This car has a 10 cc Picco and tuned pipe. Not all cars run pipes ,
there is a speciual class for piped cars. This car also has a wheelie
car (so to speak) to stop it flipping when it "hits pipe" !!!!!! From
what I can gather, Picco and Navarossi motors are the donks of choice
amongst these speed freaks.

In this pic u can see the battery for the glow plug and the small piece of wire to activate the fuel shutoff.

A 300 kph + car !!

Some more of the little buggers

This shows some of the track and the extensive fencing to try and contain the cars if they ever come loose.

These guys call themselves The Queensland Minature Car Club, more info on the cars can be found on their site.

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While they are certainly impressive speeds... I think I'd get dizzy from running in circles like that. I'd think they would appeal to the engineer types who spend their time trying to squeeze another 2 kph out of their machines.

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They have a video of them on radio control zone. Imagine having one of those run into your foot though

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Tether cars were the rage in the 50s & 60s before RC... good to hear they're still going strong in Brisbane!

The track is the main requirement. Down here there's a few RC "old buggers" who still have their old cars but there's just no place to play them anymore. These aren't things you'd play in your backyard... bit like all those old slot cars but no track to run them on.

Don't know about the modern ones, but the original old cars that I've held are SERIOUSLY HEAVY!! Easily weigh dry 5kg+ for something that's 15-18" long. Guess they use gravity to help traction rather than aerodynamics.

If anybody wants to try "micro" tether cars... go to your local toystore and buy some BIT RACERS. They're tiny like Bit CharG cars but not RC. The kit provides parts to make your Bit Racer into a tether car that can run on your desktop.

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zoomer said:
The kit provides parts to make your Bit Racer into a
tether car that can run on your desktop.
Sounds like a good
way to lose an eye when they come flying off the string.

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Thats crazy. If it wasnt for the birds I could have sworn it was on fast forward.
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