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Help please
Sorry if posted in the wrong place
  1. I'm new to RC and trying to bring back to life two 1/5 buggies with 29cc Rovan petrol engine
  2. replaced the carbi with new, new spark plugs and correct fuel ratio
  3. I can see good sparks if I try to start when the spark plus is out so the ignition coil is working
  4. can't start the engine and keep it running
  5. I try for 5 minute then I'll give up and go back to it after a few hours, it starts with the first pull
  6. I try to adjust the throttle, then the engine dies and cannot start it again unless I wait a few hours
  7. the bubble on the carbi is full of fuel and when I pump it I can see fuel is being sucked out of the tank with no issues
  8. I don't understand what's going on to a point that I'm considering to replace the engine
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