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  1. Videos
    This is a brief video summarizing the upgrades to date on my Traxxas E REVO Brushless Edition so far, as well as my long-term (approximately one year) review. Upgrades as shown include: Castle Creations Monster Mamba 2 Waterproof ESC RPM Suspension Arms (Front Only) Traxxas Alloy Suspension...
  2. General Talk - R/C
    Hi AUSRC, I got my beaut 1987 Tamiya Frog out of storage, so that "the kids" can have some fun with it. ;) Didn't know if it would still work. We cleaned it up and gave it a good service, seems to be in great condition (considering the miles it has done and how long it has been in a box in...
  3. Welcome to AUSRC
    hey all, I'm Marlo, getting back into nitro rc after many years off. Located in the Parra area (found a defensive driving track that is pretty much free use during the day, located at Nirimba education precinct, quakers hill, join me if you can! the track is very lengthy and uninterrupted!)...
1-3 of 3 Results