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  1. Tourers - Electric
    hey everyone, im really new to the rc drift scene and i recently bought a thunder tiger sparrowhawk II from my local hobby shop. its a brushless motor, shaft driven 4wd. it was slightly cheaper than the other options and being a beginner i figured id start off cheaper, so i took it. although...
  2. HPI Savage
    Hi all i thought it would be a good idea to mix'nmatch tyres on my flux.I put big joe tyres(hard) at the back and the stock flux tyres(soft) at the front,I haven't test driven it yet with this setup and was wondering if it was reccommended or any problems could occur on the track.I've included a...
  3. HPI Baja
    Is this possible? Proline desperado rims with Hostile crushers on a 5T?? If so what foams would I need? Proline or Hostile? Thanks in advance
1-3 of 3 Results