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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Looking for some advice on what to buy. My situation is this. I have previously owned a 1/8th scale Nitro Buggy (Hoboa Hyper 7 from memory) and would race against my mate by setting up cones or a makeshift track in the park. We would race against each other for a while and...
  2. Monster Trucks - Electric 1/10 Scale
    1 minute video Hummer H1. On board cameras (also out cameras): Joan
  3. Welcome to AUSRC
    Hi guys, over the past few years I have had lots of Big W cars and a Maverick Strada XB buggy which has been destroyed mainly by heavy usage and the the fact that it really is quite weak... Since the repair costs are nearly as high as what I paid for it at the start, I have decided to look for a...
  4. Videos
    For those who follow our channel, here is a little update on the big REVO Brushless since it flew in the skatepark: the input shaft on the transmission, the spur gear, and the front bumper mount all broke. While waiting for the new input shaft to arrive, I got around to fitting some other parts...
1-4 of 5 Results