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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! New member from Brisbane here! Chasing a Traxxas TRX-4. Not interested in the Sport/Tactical/G500. Tossing up between the Defender/Bronco/Blazer. Leaning towards the Defender. Figured since Black Friday/Cyber Monday is almost upon us now might be a good time? Problem is I'm...
  2. Stadium Trucks - Electric
    Hi all, I am new to RC cars have limited experience... recently I purchased a Traxxas Bandit brushed 2nd hand car, looked nice and tidy and tyres had good tread, it was relatively cheap so I bought it... the previous owner said it had very little use, anyway the standard t12 motor burnt out...
  3. General Talk - R/C
    Picked up a 2nd hand Traxxas Slash 4x4 about a week ago. It's been great. Kids love it too, especially the training mode. So, I took it down to the Redcliffe beach this morning, stupidly took it on the sand, and bloody got it wet. About a minute later the throttle died. Servo still works, ESC...
  4. Welcome to AUSRC
    Hi I'm Ben. I'm 28, from Sydney ( inner west ) and have been into rc for about 20 years :) I'm into all things rc, especially electric buggies, trucks, cars and boats. I'm looking to meet other rc fans to run rc's around the inner west / eastern suburbs area of Sydney. I'm available sometimes...
  5. Monster Truck - Nitro 1/8 Scale
    Whats a good nitro car 1/8 or 1/10. Somthing easy to start with a electric start. Somthing like the hpi savage or the traxxas revo. Any ideas thanks. Pros and cons of different nitro cafs thanks
  6. Stadium Trucks - Electric
    Hi I was wondering if someone could help me with the gearing on my slash I will be running a 5.5t 540 brushless motor sensored with a motor and esc fan to keep it cool.
  7. Batteries and Chargers
    Hi All just wondering if anyone had any experience with these? I am looking at getting some batteries for my stampede 4x4 Hobbyking are all out of all 3 varieties at the moment. Are they really that good? or are they only a recent release? 5000mah...
  8. Videos
    For those who follow our channel, here is a little update on the big REVO Brushless since it flew in the skatepark: the input shaft on the transmission, the spur gear, and the front bumper mount all broke. While waiting for the new input shaft to arrive, I got around to fitting some other parts...
  9. Videos
    How waterproof is the Mini REVO since we got it going again? Find out in our latest production! If you want to see more about the fried electronics (before I fixed it and made the above video, then check out this older one: Thanks for checking out our stuff, cheers my Australian friends!
  10. Stadium Trucks - Nitro
    Hi Guys I want a traxxas nitro slash. anyone found them in Aus yet I can only find them on Tower Hobbies. I'm really new to this and am quite excited to get into it.
  11. Stadium Trucks - Nitro
    Can anyone tell me what this connector is for? Its in the receiver box of my Nitro Slayer Pro, was not connected to anything when i purchased car, just wondering what its for? Cheers
  12. Monster Truck - Nitro 1/8 Scale
    Hi All, This might be a bit long winded but please bear with me as I would love some on my idea. I was recently given a Savage X SS 4.6 which was not working. I managed to get it going and have had a few good months of fun and games out of it but the engine appears to be shot. While I was...
  13. General Talk - R/C
    hey guys, Im thinking of selling my traxxas revo 3.3 almost a month old,Havent even used a bottle of nitro fuel yet.Comes with a swallow charger and a personalised tackle box full of extra bits and peices,Plus 2 fuel bottles.Also have installed monster truck style LED lights. As expected it...
  14. General Talk - R/C
    hey guys Iv got a traxxas revo 3.3 2 weeks old, the senson light is solid red along with a quick flashing green function light, the catch is while the function light flash's green the red will flash blue very quickly? Iv checked wiring & batteries, reset controllers blah blah! Can anyone get...
  15. General Talk - R/C
    Just picked up my traxxas revo 3.3, decided to get out of the traxxas spartan! Never had a buggy/truck nitro before so let's see how it goes tomorrow! The pack includes so many bits & pieces, very surprised. If anyone bash's rc cars around South east Melbourne give me A pm. A friend also also...
  16. Boats
    Hey people, If anyone's got an rc boat or interested in purchasing a boat but don't want to go out on your own, now you don't have too! A friend & i always do weekend runs, it would definitely be more fun & make things more interesting with more people! We're located in south east Melbourne...
  17. Boats
    A friend & I, purchased 2 Spartans a couple weeks ago, running 6s lipo's. Abit of wind or the smallest wave from the spartan it just spins out and rolls/flips so far we have only managed to sink them twice haha, pretty fun & awesome boat definitely might add a few mods to get more power etc...
  18. Monster Trucks - Electric 1/10 Scale
    Trying to decide between one of the two, considering they cost about the same. E Revo would have the TQi radio, not too sure about the E Maxx. Any thoughts? :)
1-18 of 27 Results