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  1. Selling
    Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 With massive upgrades - Asking $750. Location is Griffin QLD 4503 (North side of Brisbane). For sale is this absolutely awesome Thunder Tiger MT4 G3 monster truck. But this one has a little something extra thanks to the massive upgrades to the system. The Thunder Tiger...
  2. Buggies - Electric
    So It turns out the xxb I wanted doesn't come with the charger and battery, What battery and charger do you think would be suitable? I can't seem to find any specifically for it. Cheers guys.
  3. Buggies - Nitro
    G'day All, Just finished off paying for my new Thunder Tiger EB4 S2 and needed some help getting all of my facts right before i go out and probably blow it up :eek: The buggy has a .21 PRO-21BX-R Nitro engine and being my first nitro need to find out what i need to do to keep it happy. I've...
  4. Buggies - Nitro
    Hi all, I am tossing up between an HPI Trophy 3.5 (A$400) and a Thunder Tiger S2 (A$300). The S2 comes with a 2.4Ghz radio and few other nice bits (high torque servo, large shocks). Seems like a better product at a lower price - is this possible. Form the movie "Ronin" : Sam: Whenever...
1-4 of 6 Results