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  1. General Info and Requests
    Im just getting into the hobby and have purchased a tamiya frog. Can anyone suggest a lipo battery , preferably from Hobby King that will fit in the frog?
  2. Videos
    Watch me noob it up in our first ever drift video! Shot by my buddy Roberto with his GoPro.
  3. General Talk - R/C
    Hi AUSRC, I got my beaut 1987 Tamiya Frog out of storage, so that "the kids" can have some fun with it. ;) Didn't know if it would still work. We cleaned it up and gave it a good service, seems to be in great condition (considering the miles it has done and how long it has been in a box in...
  4. Welcome to AUSRC
    Hey all. I already have an account on here but cant remember what the username is :tape: but ill re-introduce myself... Steve 21 Gold Coast Produce Storeman at the Rocklea Markets 2 Nitros (Thunder Tiger Tomahawk XL & EB4 S2) 2 Electrics (HPI E10 & Tamiya TT01E) Lost interest in the Nitro cars...
  5. Welcome to AUSRC
    Greetings RC fans, an oldie but Newbie here looking for assistance concerning my beloved yet well used Tamiya Wild Willy that I lovingly put together in the mid 1980's and have treasured ever since. My intention was to pass it onto my son but he has out grown it (as if you can and I would...
  6. Tourers - Electric
    Hi. I've been looking for a simple car that I can easily switch between drift and standard driving and I found that the TT-01 was released as with both specs. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the main differences are between the standard Type E and the Type E drift spec. Btw...
  7. General Talk - R/C
    Well I have always been a massive fan of the Vintage Tamiya trucks! So much so I have decided to start buying a few of the re-release models! Here are my first 2! I also have a lunchbox on its way later this week! But I plan to start a seperate thread for that one! As the pictures show, I...
1-7 of 7 Results